Open for Dine-In
& Drive Thru!

The Wood Shed BBQ & Catering

White Hall’s Favorite BBQ Restaurant.
Open for Dine-In & Drive Thru!

We can’t wait to serve you a satisfying meal of ribs (St. Louis Style & Baby Back), pork, brisket, chicken, sausage, turkey, ham, or bologna with all the right sides and tastiest sauces & spices! When yer’ looking great food at a great price, The Wood Shed BBQ is all you need to know! We’re a local, family-owned lunch and dinner restaurant on 270 near Cook Rd. in Whitehall

Tamale TuesdayTamale Tuesday

Are you a tamale aficionado? If so, you’re going to LOVE The Wood Shed’s gourmet, smokey tamales. Another reason you can’t wait for Monday to be over. Four pork tamales smothered in our special sauce with cheese!

Wood Shed BBQ in Whitehall, AR
Wood Shed BBQ in Whitehall
The Wood Shed BBQ in Whitehall, AR
Wood Shed BBQ in Whitehall, AR
Family and Locally Owned BBQ Joint!
Bryan and Kassie Atwood: Here To Make You A Great Meal

We Like To Keep It Pretty Simple

At The Wood Shed we like to keep it pretty simple. Serve good food, give good service and give God the glory. Please let us know how we’re doing by leaving us some feedback on Facebook.